Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping 11/21

I had a lot of Libby's Veggie Coupons and 11/21 was the last day of an pretty awesome deal at Marsh so off we went :) The veggies were bought over 5 transactions at 2 separate stores.

*72 cans Libby Veggies (36 were given away before picture) 10/$5 ($.50 each)...used 18- $1/4mq
*2 bags Ocean Spray Cranberries $2.49...used 2- $1 printable
*Oatmeal Pop tarts $ coupons they just intrigued verdict really dry and crumbly thumbs down
*Ground Sirloin $5.46...needed for my baked bean recipe

Total Spent $29

Next stop Victoria's Secret:
I had a free pantie and a $10 off coupon that were expiring so I picked up the pantie and this 2.5oz fragrance mist that was on sale for $10 making this entire transaction FREE!

Last stop of the day was Bath & Body Works:
Knowing I was going to be purchasing lots of candles and Wallflowers on Black Friday I went in and made a list of the scents I was going to want and let me tell you it worked out great! On Friday when I went in I grabbed what I could and then was able to get in the checkout lane and let one of the workers grab the other things on my list. I did use one coupon for  a free mini candle with any purchase. I grabbed a hand sanitiser for $1 and it made for a very cheap trip.

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