Sunday, November 18, 2012

CVS 11/18

So before I start this post I have to say thank you to my friend Mandy who reminded me of a great deal on General Mills cereal where you would get a FREE movie ticket with two codes from inside the box. Sadly when she went to get her final four boxes for her family I was wheeling my buggy down the lane wih my four boxes leaving her only 3 :( So sorry Mandy but, that free date night movie was awesome! I see this becoming a running joke for many years to come!

So after our free movie we went on over to CVS. originally I thought I was gonna look like a crazy woman in CVS at midnight but nope there were many more and I do have to say I again stress kidness to the cashiers!! I heard a lady say last night "I'll show her to say I'll take easy orders" and proceed to check out with 17 seperate orders. Yes I had three but my three were well organized coupons in hand reusable bags opened and I was all checked out in under 5 mins. Can I please stress to never be mean to cashiers. Kindness goes so much farther! It is my goal to make couponers look good, leave the cashier with a smile on thier face, and always make sure to thank them. Let's face it if I have 20 items, 20 coupons and 10 EB to scan in thats like scanning a 50 item order. Ok now off my soapbox and on to the deals!

Transaction #1
Contour Next EZ glucometer $10
One A Day 60ct Womens Vitamins $7.49
Free One A Day Vitamins wyb Contour Glucometer store coupon (recieved in the mail)
$4EB from last week
Spent $6.52...Got back $10RR

Transaction #2
Kraft Mac & Cheese $.99
Powerade $1
Advil 10ct $2.99
South Beach Diet Meal Bars $4.99
Cepacol 4ct $1
Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks $2
Glade Oil Warmer $1.25
3M Command Sample $.99
$1 Glade warmer printable
$13EB from last week
Spent $1.86...Got back $15.21EB

Transaction #3
Peanut Butter Nips $.88
Thermacare 1ct Hip/Lower Back $3.49
Depends 3ct $3.99
Coke Zero 1.25L $.99
Childrens Advil 1oz $2.37
Carmex $1
Airwick Warmer $.99
Hot Wheels $1
Playdough $1
2-Kleenex 3ct Slim Pack $1
2-Right Guard Total 5 Deodorant $2.99
Single Roll Charmin Basic $.99

$2/2 Right Guard Coupon
$15.21EB from Transaction #2
Spent $9.14...Got back $20.71EB

So overall I spent $17.52 and I have $30.71 in Extra Care Bucks to use on future orders! Thats what you call getting paid to shop :)

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