Monday, November 26, 2012

Plum District 50% off T-Shirt Quilt

 Plum District is a deal site where the items and services are focused toward moms and what they want/ need. I was just checking a email from them and I saw that there is a deal where you can get a Custom T-shirt Pillow for $32 ($65 value) or a 45in x 60in Quilt for $75 ($150 value) + $12 shipping on quilts (you would be surprised how heavy those t-shirts are). It does also say that you can apply your $150 credit toward larger quilts if you would like a bigger one. Unfortunately these quilts would not be ready by Christmas but these are so neat for graduates. You can also use the code CYBERM20 to save an additional 20% which makes it only $60!

Here is a quilt I had made for my hubby a couple years ago (this is not from this exact company but it will give you an idea what they look like).

You do have to sign up to view Plum district deals and here is a link to sign up:

The best part is you get a $5 credit on your first order just for signing up!

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