Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Shopping has started!

I have two little Divas who are requesting dress up clothes from Santa so the post Halloween clearance aisle at Walmart was my mission yesterday. Why spend $30 on a Cinderella Dress Up gown when I can buy a $5 Cinderella costume that looks exactly the same!

I got 3 Costumes (Cinderella, Rapunzel, & Spider Girl) for $4.98 each.
2- glitter hair spray for $1.12 each (every princess needs a little pixie dust!)
2- Striped tights for $1.29 each (these are so cute for under their jean skirts)

And then I bought A Christmas Story 2 for myself :) I absolutely love the first (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!) and couldn't resist.  It  was $14.96 so see I don't go cheap on everything haha.

I also ordered a few things online that have came in this week:

This cute Mickey & Minnie Ornament set that I got from the Disney Store when I preordered "Brave." It was $10 and has 2012 on them. Since we aren't going to make it to Disney this year these are going to serve as our yearly Disney ornaments.

I got this 20 page hard backed book from Shutterfly for Miss Kayleigh. She is going to flip out because she has a birthday card I had made for her with her picture and she has carried it around and kept it under her pillow since July. She calls it her "book" now she will have a real book.

I also recieved the Cindrella Blu-ray and Dora DVD that I ordered from Amazon using my gift cards from Swagbucks. I didn't get a chance to take a picture because little eyes were peeking at the mail that day.

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