Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Budget

So at the beginning of this week I had $75 left in the monthly budget. We have already established I blew the budget completely but lets review how badly:

Meijer $90
Target $6
Walmart $49

I also made a stop at Rhum's Farm Market $12 (I am so sad they are getting ready to close until next year!)

That brings the week to $152 meaning I am $82 over budget :( :(

I would like to say I have faith I will be under budget next month but with 5 birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas in the next 3 months it will be a fine line. The saving grace is I already have lots of toys in my present box for the three kiddie birthdays. Seriously I greatly suggest keeping an eye out for clearance toys and keeping them hidden for birthdays and Christmas. I also use the Amazon gift cards I get from surveys and Swagbucks to buy presents that don't come out of my budget.

Walmart 9/28


Since we have already blown our September budget its kind of like pulling a bandaid, get it all over with at once ;( I did actually get some good deals at Walmart though.

*Duck packing tape: $1...used a $1 printable
*12- Budding meats (kids like these): 48 cents... I had a .75/4 mq making these 29 cents each
*4- Jello pudding cups: $1.50....had 4 $1mq

Everything else was just stuff we needed especially the doggie bones, poor Maverick was having withdrawls. I had planned to get some cheap Meaty Bone brand treats but they were all out. I also just bought a couple cans of wet dog food since I knew a coupon was coming Sunday for the brand our dog prefers.

And then there was this stuff. The apple cider was $6 (Seriously Ridiculous!) and the spices were $13. Yep right at $20 for those few things. The good thing is those spices will last me a year or more. And let me tell you we tried 4 different Pinterest recipes here this weekend and they were tasty!

Total spent: $49

Meijer 9/29

Remember how I said I was pretty sure I was going to blow this months budget? Well guess what this Meijer trip did it! I spent a total of $90 but we purchased a lot of stuff, and I'm just going to list the really good deals:

*3-Idahoan Potato Pouches: the register has been printing a coupon for a free every time I'm there and last week the lady in front of me had two seperate orders and one printed both times for her. The checkout girl hands her a stack of checkout coupons she turns around and hands them to me with two free coupons in there saying she doesn't have time to deal with them! Uh why thank you of course I'll take your free money Miss Too Busy!
*Snapware containers: $2.39 had a $2 mq...39 cents for storage containers makes those oops I forgot and now we have a science project moments easier to take.
*Sara Lee bread: $2 had a 50 cent coupon that doubled to $1..great price for name brand bread
*Sunkist soda $1... had a 50 cent mperk

And now onto the big purchase of the day......

We purchased 20 of these bad boys. There was a deal Saturday only if you bought 8 participating products you saved $5 automatically, which made these $1.50 each. Now days $1.50 for name brand peanut butter is awesome. Really makes me sad because last year I got these for $1 :( And in case your wondering 20 jars will not even get our three houses through Christmas, we are a peanut butter loving family!

There were a lot of other things purchased that were ok deals like the Meijer veggie juice, pretzels, & butter, The hubby talked me into 3 bags of Arby's fries (2/$5 get 3rd free), and grandma needed a lot of random stuff we only buy a few times each year.

Total Spent $90

Target Shopping 9/29

Ideally I would have gotten more than two sets of this deal but since I didn't go until Saturday the shelfs were pretty bare. At Target they had a store deal where you purchased 1 Glade Oil Diffuser starter pack ($7.99) and you got 1 refill free ($4.99) but I also had a manufacturers coupon to get the oil diffuser free when I purchased a 4oz Glade Candle ($2.99). Yes thats right I paid $2.99 for $15.97 worth of product. I also saved another 5% by using my Target Red Debit card.

Total spent was $6.10

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glade Expressions Bzz Mission

I was recently sent coupons from Bzzagent to try the new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser. For the Fragrance Mist I chose the Lavendar & Juniper Berry scent. I am usually not one for "flowery" scents but this one is great, not overpowering but just slightly outdoorsy.

By removing the label it becomes a very pretty little piece that will look nice on your shelf when not in use.

Another neat feature of the Fragrance Mist is that it is refillable. The bottom of the dispenser twists off to allow the canister to slide out. I am thinking that the dispenser may end up being an adorable "pinterest" worthy project to decorate!

Not to be left out the Oil Diffuser is also very pretty. I chose the Fuji Apple & Cardamon Spice scent. I'm not sure what Cardamon Spice smells like but this only has a faint scent of apples. I think I may need to get another since my living room is quite large and to smell this you have to be right by it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping week ending 9/21

There wasn't a whole lot of shopping done this week since we are all trying to use up what we have.


Transaction #1
2- Colgate Max Fresh 2/$6...Got back a $3RR
1-Glade Expressions Starter $2.99...Got back $1RR
1- Blistex Moisture Melt $2...Got back $2RR

2- $1 Colgate mq
$2 Glade coupon from Bzzagent
Paid $7.76

Transaction #2
3- 12pk Coke (not pictured they went straight to the shelf in the garage) 3/$11
2- Reeses Pieces stand up bags 2/ $6
    **got back 5000 of the new Balance Reward Points for the Reeses and Coke Combined**
2-Colgate Max Fresh $2/6....Get $3RR
1- Glade Expressions Starter $2.99...Get $1RR
1- Blistex Moisture Melt $2...Get $2RR
14- Stride Gum (hold on I'll explain lol) 2/$2...Get 1000 Balance Points for every 2 purchased
      **I had enough B1G1 coupons to try this out and I can confirm that there was no issue
          purchasing this many at once and I did get all the points!!**

$1/2 Hershey's Pieces mq
2- $1 Colgate mq
$2 Glade coupon from Bzzagent
7- Buy 1 Get 1 Free Stride Gum mq
$3RR from last week
Paid $30.46

Total of 2 tranactions: $38.22....I have $12RR to use next week... I will get back $1.50 on the Gum for turning my reciept into Endorse...12000 Balance Points on my card
I am planning to let all the Balance Points stay on my card until Black Friday and then redeem them. Don't know what Balance Rewards are? Head on over here and check them out:


4- Kraft Ranch Dressing- $1.99
4- Nissin Big Cup Noodles- 61 cents
2- Glade Expressions Oil Diffusers- $7.99
Glade Expressions Starter- $3.99
Glade Candle- $2.99
2# Gala Apples- $2.99
Idahoan Potato Pouch- 95 cents
Sweet & Low packets- $1.97
3- Crystal Light- $2
1- Jello Mix-ins- $1.50
3- Wolf Chili (Dad likes this stuff I prefer homemade!)- $1
2- Gallon milk- $2.50
2- Oreo Cookies $2.98

$8 instant savings for buying 8 participating Kraft/Nabisco products
$5 mperk from Facebook offer
50 cent mperk on Lays chips
Free store coupon for the potatoes
$1.25 Jello Mix-ins mq from Kraft First Taste
Buy 1 Glade Candle Get Oil Diffuser Free mq
Free Glade Oil Diffuser coupon from Bzzagent
Free Glade Expressions Starter from Bzzagent
$1/4 Nissin Noodles mq
$1/2 Nabisco Cookies mq

Paid $30.42...Got back $5 in Catalina for next time...will get back $1.99 for turning my reciept into Endorse

(No Picture I was exhausted the day I stopped)
6- Gallons Milk (used Dads, Grandmas, & My extracare card) $2.79...Get $1EB each
2- Reese Cups 2/$6....Get $2EB/2
3- Dawn Hand Renewal 99cents

$5 EB from last week
3- 75 cent Dawn Hand Renewal mq
$1/2 Hersheys bagged candy mq

Paid $15.97..have $8EB to use next week

Also this week I spent: $20 for a bag of clothes for Cyn from a friend, paid $25 on the kids layaway at K-mart, and $20 mailing books for Paperback Swap, and Kay just had to have the Dora shirt at the mall today (clearanced to $3!).

Total spent this week $153....Leaving $75 for next week, I'm guessing we will be over budget this month but we have bought extra stuff for the Food Pantry so I won't freak out  **too much :) **

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shopping 9/14

First stop of the day was the Rhums Farm Stand (it may be spelled a little different but I know thats close!)Some of  todays pictures won't have the stuff for my Grandma because I dropped hers off on my way home and she will come raid my stock for the rest tommorrow :)
6- Zucchini & Squash 3/$1
4- Cucumbers 4/$1
5- Sweet Onions 79 cents a pound it came to right at $2
8- Tomatoes (red and yellow) $1.25 a pound = $3
3- Peppers 3/$1
13- Corn (they sell thiers in bakers dozens)= $3
Total= $12 (I LOVE the Farmers stands! So cheap and fresh!)

Stop #2 Aldis

3- Tomato Sauce: 39 cents each
Large Crunchy Peanut Butter: $3.69
Fruity Rice Cereal (I'm making cereal treats in the morning): $1.69
3- Tomato Paste: 39 cents each
Vegetable Juice $1.99
6- Tuna: 69 cents each
Hazelnut Spread (I love Nutella and this stuff tastes the same but less than 1/2 the price): $1.99
2-Baking Mix (again same as Bisquick WAY cheaper): $1.99
2 - Egg Noodles: $1.29
Cheese Melt (this stuff is even expensive in generic!!): $3.99
2- Grape Tomatoes: 99 cents each
Carrots: 99 cents
Fancy Lettuce: $1.99
Celery: $1.29
2- Avocados: 69 cents each
2- Lemons: 33 cents each
Head lettuce: 89 cents
Kiwi: $1.49 bag
6- Bags Salty Snacks (hey there was a lot of produce!): prices ranged from 99 cents to $1.79
Total spent: $45.00 (OUCH!!!)

Stop #3 Meijer

2- Mini Marshmallows: $1.30
8- Pizza Rolls: 99 cents
3- Hormel Beef Tips: $3.99
2- Pepperidge Farm Seasonal Breads: 2/$5
Swedish Fish: 99 cents
Blue Jello (this and the gummy fish are for a Nemo dessert lol): 47 cents
4- Yoplait Yogurt
Meijer Buns & Wheat Bread: 99 cents each
Aunt Millies Bread: $1.99
Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles: $2.98
2- Margarine Sticks: 89 cents each
4- Pears: $1.18 a pound= $2.62
Cottage Cheese: $1.50
Sour Cream: $2.19
Ranch/French Onion Dip: $1.29 each

I used these coupons:
4- 40 cents off 2 pizza rolls mq
3- $1 Hormel Entree mq
4- 50 cents of Yoplait mq
$5 Kraft catalina from two weeks ago (I almost let this one expire :/ )
50 cent MPERK on the Aunt Millies Bread
 Total= $39.03

Stop #4 CVS

4-  Deans Milk gallons: $2.79 (split 2 on Grandmas card, 2 on mine)
3- Hersheys Singles 6ct: 3/$3

Used $12EB from last week
Paid $2.16...Got Back $5EB

Stop #5 Marsh

3- Gala Apples: $1.28 lb= $3.12 (RIDICULOUS! I will so NOT be making applesauce this year!)
8- Betty Crocker Potatoes: $1
2- Angel Food Cakes (not pictured): $3.99 B1G1
2- Strawberries: $3.49 B1G1
Green Grapes: $1.77lb= $3.96
Bananas: 59 cents a pound= $1.62
2- Bunches Green Onion: 59 cents
9- Budding Corn Beef: 69 cents
1- Block Cheddar: $1.88
2- Shredded Mozzarella: $1.88
Idahoan Pouch Potatoes: $1.49
2- Hostess Cupcakes: $4.29 B1G1
2- Jolly Time Popcorn: $3.19 B1G1
3- Hamburger Helper: $1
Chips Ahoy $1.99

25 cents off 2lbs Bananas sq
75 cents off 2lbs Grapes sq
50 cents off Hostess Snack Cakes sq
50 cents off Nabisco cookies sq
Free Idahoan Potato Pouch sq
4- 75 cents off 3 Budding Pouches mq
4- 50 cents off 2 Betty Crocker Potatoes mq
75 cents off 3 Helpers mq

Total: 38.84

Random Expenses today: Chinese Buffet for Dinner $15 (used coupons!), rented movies for the weekend from Family Video $6,

Total for the day..... $158
Leaving $228 in the budget for the month.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where have I been?

No I haven't given up on the blog I have just been running around like that old headless chicken!

First of all little man started Head Start

Isn't he the cutest?

I also haven't spent any money this week to report. Well except for this tasty little bite of heaven:

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino :) Yummy! But since I used a gift card I already had it doesn't take anything out of my budget. Of course since I haven't spent any money this week that means I have not got any groceries. Don't worry though cause we will be crazy shopping Friday night ;)

Bzz Mission NERF Fire Vision Football

I got this cool new football, the NERF Fire Vision, to try from Bzzagent. It comes with two pairs of special goggles to wear while playing that make the reflective areas glow either red or green. I think the goggles would work much better at night than during the day but it was hard to get an opinion out of T.  I put the goggles on and yes it really does make them glow green/red. Overall T gave this football a big smile.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grocery Shopping 9/8

Ok so no picture of this shopping trip because most of it got spread out between the three houses but here's the rundown.

6 gallons milk- $1.99 each
3 loafs Aunt Millies bread- $1.49 each
3 heads lettuce- 99 cents each
5# Red potatoes- $2.50
3# onions- $2.99
Bananas (3 bunches)- $3.16
V-8 juice- $3.19 (ugh! but I needed it for Chili)
20 Barilla Pastas- 75 cents each (we won't need any for 6+ months now)
15 Velveeta Shells and Cheese- $1.49 (again we won't be buying any for a long time)
8 Progresso Soup- 99 cents

Total $77

I also spent $45 at a 31 party last night so $386 left in budget for the month.

Rummage Sale Finds

Let's start with Miss K's haul because she demands to be first for everything anyways!
*2 pairs winter gloves- 10 cents each (can you ever have too many gloves with a 3 year old??)
*4 pairs pajamas (Princess, Dora, Tinkerbell, and Frogs)- 50 cents each
*Purple sweater- 75 cents
*Pink Flintstones Pebbles outfit (pink top and pink corduroy pants) $1.50
*Princess cup- 50 cents
*Little Mermaid pillowcase- 10 cents (it faded and old but she loves Ariel!)

Next we have T's haul not as big as his sister but the toy is worth it for him!
*Bullseye toy- $2 (He has Jessie, Woody & Buzz so this completes his set)
*Jacket- $1.50 (still has tags on it)
*2 pairs tennis shoes- 25 cents each (well worn but these will be good play shoes!)
*black jeans- $1
*Angry Birds pajamas- $1

I found these 3 packs of Carters onesies for Brians neice they were $1 a pack and I bought 4.

I bought this for Brian for $1. He had one just like it that was so torn up it was embarassing. I made him throw it out last winter. He is very happy now!

For myself I bought:
Book- 50 cents
Cupcake pan- 50 cents
Hoodie- 50 cents

And now for my favorite:
I got this stroller for $10!!! It is almost new and now I dont have to feel like a hunchback pushing K in the umbrella stroller. In case anyone didn't know this umbrella stollers are not meant for Aunties/Mommies over 5'5" lol.

I also paid for the things my dad got which came out to right at $7.

So todays total=  $35.00......$508 left in monthly budget.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shopping September 6th

I had the whole afternoon off from work so I went out to do some shopping! Most of what I purchased will be going to the food pantry.

Stop #1 was Marsh North:
This week Marsh has a promo where you save $5 off your entire order for every 10 participating items you purchase so I will list the items prices on those after the 50 cent discount to prevent confusion.
Buy 10 Save $5 Items:
6- Progresso Recipe Starters 99 cents
7- Red Gold Tomatoes 59 cents
4- Barilla Spaghetti 75 cents
3- Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinners $1.49
Also purchased:
16- Libby veggies 4/$3
4- Lunchables w/ Smoothies $2
I used the following coupons:
4- $1/4 Libby Veggies
2- 50 cent Progresso Recipe Starters (Doubled)
4- 75 cent Progresso Recipe Starters
4- $1 Lunchable w/ Smoothies
3- $1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese
$2 Catalina (from Yoplait deal 2 weeks ago I almost forgot to use this one!)

 Total after coupons was: $19.54 and a $5 catalina printed out from Kraft

Stop #2 was Party City:

Anyone from the Disboards will understand Disney Movie Nights and for the rest of you trust me you need Mickey Mouse on the brain to understand! Anyways I stopped to get a couple things for our Princess & The Frog night this weekend and I found some awesome clearance stuff:

6- Cake Decoration packs (Pirates, Dora, Little Mermaid, Tink, Mickey, & Toy Story) ..50 cents each
Pooh figurine...50 cents
Little Mermaid figurie...50 cents
8ct beads $2
4- little frogs 25 cents
8ct Tiana cups $1.75

Total this stop $9.37

Stop #3 Marsh South (2 transactions all items in the Buy 10 Save $5)

Transaction #1

10- Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinners $1.49

Paid $14.90 got back $10 catalina

Transaction #2

4-Progresso Recipe Starters 99 cents
16- Barilla Spaghetti  75 cents

$10 catalina from first order
2- 50 cent Progresso Recipe Starters (Doubled)
2- 75 cent Progresso Recipe Starters

Total for this order $2.46 :) That makes me happy!!

Stop #4 CVS

10-Campbells Tomato Soup...59 cents
5-Spaghettios $1

2- $1/5 Campbells Condensed Soup
1- 50 cent/5 Spaghettios
$5 ECB from last week


Final Stop Walgreens

3- 12ct Cottonelle $5
2- Hormel Compleats $1.99

$1 Cottonelle store coupon (takes off $3)
2- $1 Hormel Compleats
$13 in RR from last week

Total... $2.31

Grand Total for today...$51.98 which leaves $543 in my budget for the month.  Whew now I need a nap!!



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food Pantry Donation 9/4

So today I busted out my coupons for the food drive at my church. We have a food pantry to help out those in need in our community but the shelves are looking a little bare. There are a total of sixty-two cans of veggies and eight cans of soup that were purchased over four transactions at two stores.

My first two transactions were at Marsh and they were exactly the same:

16- Libby's veggies 4/$3...used 4 $1/4 manfacturer's coupons
4- Food Club soups 2/$1
I had a $10 catalina I used on each order from doing the Kraft deal last week. So after coupons and catalinas both these transactions were.....FREE!!!!

Next I went to Mainstreet Market, which is a partner store of Marsh so they have basically the same sales but different loyalty cards.

Transaction #1:
16- Libby's veggies 4/$3...used 4 $1/4 manufacturers coupons
6-ValuTime potatoes 57 cents
I also had a $10 catalina for here from doing thier Kraft deal last week so total for this order was...28 cents :)

Transaction #2:
8- Libby's veggies 4/$3...used my last 2 $1/4 manufacturers coupons (A friend is supposed to be sending a few more so I may get to get a few more cans this week!)
So this order came to $4

So the Grand Total was $4.28 for 70 canned goods! Thats like 7 cents a can!!!!

Without my catalinas my total would have been $34.28 which would have came out to 49 cents a can which is still amazing.

This was my first shopping trips of the new month so we still have $595 in the monthly budget.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bzzagent UNREAL Candy Mission

Bzzagent is a awesome opportunity where you are provided with free products in exchange for your honest opinion and sharing that opinion with others.

I recently recieved coupons to try the new UNREAL candy unjunked. There are five differnt flavors available:

*candy coated chocolate pieces
*candy coated chocolate pieces with peanuts
*chocolate caramel nougat bar
*chocolate caramel nougat and peanut bar
*chocolate peanut butter cup

The girls tried the candy coated chocolate pieces and gave them their seal of approval. I tried the chocolate peanut butter cup and for a low sugar option it was pretty good. The peanut butter was not as creamy as the more popular brand and the chocolate was a tad more bitter but I found the bitterness to be quite a good compliment to the peanut butter.

To find out more about the UNREAL unjunked candy visit:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Overview of my Budget

The most important thing to remember when your couponing is even if you are getting awesome deals if you aren't going to use the items before they go bad or if your spending more than your budget than you are defeating the purpose. I am going to start posting my weekly shopping trips and keeping track of my budget on here every week and see how I do over the course of the month.

I have a $600 a month budget but before any of my other savings queens gasp and disown me that includes EVERYTHING! In the budget is grocery trips, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS,  and all the various other places I may go in a week. It also includes all my gifts (birthday, baby, & wedding) throughout the year. I do have a seperate budget for Christmas presents. It also is not only for my house but my dads and my grandma's also. Grandma pays me for the things I buy for her and that money goes into our vacation fund.

I am hoping by posting what I buy on here I will hold myself accountable and maybe even save more money in the long run.