Friday, November 2, 2012

CVS 11/2

4-Multi Grain Cheerios $1.88
2-Chocolate Cheerios $1.88 (Gasp I did not have a coupon for these and I bought them anyway!)
1-Gallon Milk $2.79(needed it to get up to $50 to use a coupon)
8-Dawn Hand Renewal $.99
8-Dawn Dish Soap $.99
6- Pampers $8.99

4- $.75 Multi Grain Cheerios printables
8- Dawn Hand Renewal $.75mq
8-Dawn Dish Soap $.50mq
6-Pampers $2mq
$10/$50 sq
$20 gift card from Mypoints

Paid: $30 got back $20EB

Whew we just added it up and I have bought 346 diapers this week! I'm having flashbacks to last year when there were four kiddos all in diapers/pull ups,  I don't miss those days!!!!

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