Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodwill 11/10

So I made my monthly run to Goodwill and actually bought quit a bit including what may just be Little Miss's favorite find of all time!

I bought:
Grinch shirt for C (we are always telling her "NO") $1.99
Pink Rhinestone Hello Kitty Shirt: $1.99
Mickey & Minnie Hoodie: $1.99
Hello Kitty Hoodie: $1.99
Black Sweat Pants: $1.99
Jeans: $3.99 (I think?)
Purple flowered pants $1.99
Brown Leggings $.99 (were the half off color tag)

And then the piece de resistance:

A warm pink robe! And best of all it was only $1.99. The spot on the pocket in the picture is actually only the shadow from my hand taking the picture at 1am so I could get it washed before the Diva saw it and wouldn't take it off.

Yep she likes it :) Total spent was $22 so not a bad trip at all!

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