Monday, March 4, 2013

Where to find coupons?


I know I have been asked countless times where do you find all your coupons? Well the answer is a lot of places!

#1. Newspapers- I get a Muncie Star Press at my house, I purchase a Sunday Indianapolis Star, I have a friend who brings me the inserts from her paper (Marion I think?) and I also get my grandmothers coupons. That right there is 4 sets but, a lot of times they will have completely different coupons. Indy gets higher value coupons than Muncie because it costs more to live there.

#2. Clipping Service- I order coupons almost weekly from a clipping service. You cannot "sell" coupons but you can pay for her "time to clip, sort, and mail them to you" I personally use
Her coupons come in lots of 5 and if I order on Sunday I always have them by Thursday or Friday. I know some people order coupon off ebay but it is a very risky choice. Too many people get fake coupons or photocopied coupons (which is illegal to use!). If you choose to buy on Ebay remember if it seems to good it probably is. 
#3. Printables- While some stores make it difficult to use printables (Walmart I'm talking to you!) all stores should and there are tons of printables out there. The three printables sites I use and trust are:
There is also I site called but you have to really pay attention there because some of the things advertised are actually catalinas that will print at certain stores after you buy certain items.

#4. Catalinas- Speaking of catalinas are the coupons that print out at the register at places like Marsh & Meijer. They are usually only good at the store they print at.

#5. Store Coupons- Walgreens has monthly booklets of coupons right as you walk in the door, Target has printable coupons on their site, CVS has the magic coupon machine (red box near the front scan your card and it gives you coupons!)

#6. Digital- Marsh, Mainstreet Market, & Kroger you can link to your card. Target you can sign up for mobile coupons sent to your phone (need a smartphone for this), Meijer Mperks are linked to your cell number (any cell with texting ability will work for this one)

There are also other random ways to get coupons: free samples come with coupons, peelies on products, blinkie on store shelves, facebook, etc.

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