Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping 3/15

First stop Kroger:

6-Half Gallon 1% Milk (not all pictured) $.79 clearance (woohoo and the expiration date is 3/22!)
4-Half Gallon Skim Milk $1
2-Blackberries $.97 (one was gone before we got home little miss was hungry)
1-Nescafe $4.27...Used $1.50 from Bzzagent...Got back $3 from Endorse (Money Maker!)
Spent $14.95...Saved $17.70 (54%)

Next was Target:

Safety 1st Tot Locks $19.99 (We need these for our Foster License)
Marvel Heroes Decals $6.98 (Clearance)
Used $10 Gift Cards from last weeks Eggo Deal
Saved $.85 for using RedCard
Spent $16.12...Saved $13.86 (46%)

Next was Aldi:

2- Bags Frozen Strawberries $1.99
1- Bag Frozen Mixed Berries
5# Red Potatoes $.99
2- Strawberries $.99
2# Mandarin Oranges $1.99
Sour Cream $1.29
French Onion Dip $1.19
Cottage Cheese $2.29
Bunch Bananas (just noticed they aren't in pic oops) $1.03
Frozen Gyros (We are having a Hercules Disney movie night so I needed greek food!) $6.99
Spent $23.72

And last stop was Walmart:

6-Chow Mein Ramen Dinners $.87...used 2- $1/3mq
BBQ Pork Jerky & Original Jerky $3.92...used Buy Original get Pork Free printable
Similac Formula $6.78...used $5 formula check
Koolaid $2.50...Got back $1 from Ibotta
Quart of Paint $10.97 (AHHH what in the world!)
Chobani Yogurt $1...Got back $.50 from Ibotta
2-Juicy Juice Concentrate $2.28...used 2- $1mq
Frozen Baked Pickle Appetizer $1.98 (Let's see how they measure up to the restaurants)
Spent 26.43...Saved 14.42 (35% stupid paint lol)

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