Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm going to take a shopping break :)

We will be heading to Walt Disney World in 6 weeks and who doesn't need a little extra cash at vaccation time? Well one of the best things about having a great stockpile from couponing is the ability to take shopping breaks. I have 2 freezers, 2 fridges, and tons of shelves full of stuff so now we will be taking a little shopping break. I will only allow myself $20 a week to get produce & bread (I have a bunch of milk frozen but if that runs out I will include milk in the $20). Everything else will be coming from what we have. Not only will this free up more money to spend in Florida it will also give us a little more time to work on things around the house we need to get done.

Don't worry though I will still be posting the good deals and hopefully will soon have the time to get this blog moving the way I want it to!

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