Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shopping 3/9 & 3/10

I did several small trips (well Sam's was a big one but 90% was for other people!)

First stop Saturday was Goodwill:

Spongebob Sundress for K $3.99
Cedar Point T-shirt for T $1 (half price item and he is EXCITED)
Bicycle Helmet for T $1.99
Spent $6.98

Next Saturday stop was Menards:

Fire Extinguisher $16.98 (needed for our foster care home study)
Dryer Vent Hose $5.98 (ours somehow got a hole and was blowing lint straight into laundry room)
2-6ct Girls Socks 2/$3
2-6ct Womens Socks 2/$3
Spent $28.97

Last stop of the day Sam's Club (I'm only listing what is for my family):

2# Shredded Lettuce $1.99
2 Big Bunches Bananas $1.36 ea
35oz Utz Cheese Balls $6.28
6lbs Pretzels $6.48
3lbs Lemons $3.48
Claussen Pickle Spears $5.58
Spent $26.53 (and I sent $125 for other people who knew I was going lol)

Sunday I did my first stop of the week at CVS (2 transactions):

5-12pks Coke Products 5/$15
20-Cadbury Caramel Eggs $.99 BOGO (Grandma asked for a bunch!)
2-7oz bags Jelly Beans $.99
Spent $16.90...Saved $34.23...Have $6.98EB to use next time

Then I ran into Aldi's:

3-Gallon Milk $2.49 (2 went straight to freezer)
4-Mexican Pasta Mixes $.89
Seedless Cucumber $1.49
4-Frozen Asian Appetizers $1.39 (all on markdown 2-Crab Rangoon, 1-Egg Roll, 1-Pot Sticker)
1-Cream Cheese Crepe $2..39
2# Strawberries $.99ea (They didn't make it past lunch lol)
Spent $22.45

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