Friday, October 11, 2013

Shopping and Fun Times

So before I post the shopping trips from Thursday and Friday I have to tell you that most of them were done by Brian since I had surgery on Thursday. There was one very hilarious moment Thursday where apparently even though Brian had went to Marsh while I was in recovery I thought we needed chocolate Trumoo Milk and not Vanilla that he had already purchased. I went into Marsh still groggy from the sedation and pain killers and even used a coupon and have absolutely no memory of  of doing it! As a matter of fact I only found out about it when I saw the chocolate milk in the fridge! Oops :) Also since Brian has been shopping we have got extra "special" things he likes but over all I'm so proud and he did amazing!

Marsh 10/10 (Brian's order and my milk combined)

2- TruMoo Milk $1.99...Used 2- $.75MQ
4- Kraft Cheese $2...Used $.50 SQ from a booklet they mailed me
Strawberries $3.99...Used $.50 SQ from booklet
International Delights Creamer $1.99
1.5# Ground Chuck $3.78...Used $.50 SQ from Booklet
2- Golden Delicious Apples (he got the $1.99/lb instead of $.99/lb ones oh well) $2.21...Used $.30 SQ
     from booklet
3# Bananas $1.64...Used Free 1# (.54) and $.25 from booklet
Danimals Yogurt $2...Used $.75MQ
2.4# Grapes $5.95...Used $.75 SQ from booklet
Iceberg Lettuce $1.19...Used $.30 SQ from booklet
   ** I have had this booklet of coupons for over a month but I just remembered them this week perfect time
I then saved $4.39 with the 20% off Produce they have running through Sunday
And I used a $5/$15 Produce Coupon I printed off the Marsh FB
Spent $19.49 ...Saved $26.66 (58%)!

Meijer 10/11

4- Pepsi/Mt Dew 6pk $4.99 B2G2
6ct Mexican Coke (Brian wanted) $5.99

2- 2lt Coke $1
2-Old Orchard Tea Concentrate $.59...Used BOGO printable
2- Old Orchard Juice Concentrate $1...Used BOGO printable
2- Indian Summer Apple Juice $.99
4- Gravy Mixes $.75...Used 2- $.50/2 MQ
Cottage Cheese $1.99
2- Totinos Pizza Rolls $1...Used $.40/2 MQ
2- Hot Pockets $2...Used $1/2 MQ
6- Easy Fries $1...Used 3- $1/2 MQ
2- Banquet Meals $1
2- Michellinas Meals $1
2- Snickers Fun Size 3/$8...Used 50% Mperk ($1.27) and $1/2 printable

3- Ritz Bits Sandwiches $1.88...Used 3- $1MQ (booklet found at back to school time)
3- Chips Ahoy $1.88...Used 3- $1 MQ (Same booklet as above)
Lucky Charms Treats $3.99 (Brian loves)
2- Combos $1...Used $1/2 printable
Softsoap Hand Wash $.99...Used $.50 Mperk
Gevalia K Cups $5.99...Used $1.50 printable
4- Progresso Soup $1...Used 2- $.50/2 printable
3-Kraft Mac & Cheese (Herb & Garlic) $1...Used $1/3 Mperk
Saved $6.67 using 5% off total Mperk & then another $3 in Free Items from 10/$10 11th Free Promo
Spent $48.77...$62.79 (57%)!

And Brian made a quick stop by Aldi:

3- Gallons Milk $1.49
Sour Cream $1.29
Vanilla Yogurt $1.99
Spent $7.75

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