Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 Funny Facts about this Couponer's Stockpile

Just a little giggle for your day :)

1.) Even though we go through a bottle of mustard a month and I preach about keeping how much your family can use in 6 months I refuse to have more than 1 in the fridge and 1 in the pantry because I don't want to be like the insane people on the TV Show.

2.) I am a feminine hygiene hoarder in recovery, no seriously my stockpile got so big that I have not bought any in almost 3 years! I have bought a few packages of Poise liners that went to donations this year that were moneymakers after Ibotta deals but, for my own personal use I can comfortably say I have at least another 6 months supply.

3.) Deodorant does have a expiration date, so always check your husbands drawer before buying more. Uh yeah this happened to me and broke my heart to throw out what we are going to call several tubes ;)

4.)Speaking of expiration dates....I am OCD about them. If the milk says sell by its getting pitched that day (unless it goes in the freezer then I give it one day to thaw and 3 days to be drank before getting pitched). I check the ENTIRE stockpile (freezers too) every six weeks. Very little goes to waste though so don't worry!

5.) I have almost 500 diapers and a months worth of formula in my stockpile and no kids in diapers! They are actually for our foster kids but, we haven't had any that required them. The formula is good for another 9 months so if it gets close we will give it away until then it will stay in the girls closet.

6.) I used to list how many people I purchased groceries in a week for but, I'm not even sure anymore lol! As of right now it breaks down to at least 4 adults and 3 kids every week, sometimes we throw in stuff for my grandma and my brother. We also make donations. I am wanting to start making donations to the local animal shelter since they have given us our two precious fur babies (or as my husband calls Magnum our best behaved child)

7.) Speaking of furbabies when we lost Maverick in March I just couldn't get rid out of dog food stockpile even though we said we weren't getting another dog until Christmas. Yeah that didn't last we brought precious little Magnum home June 10th. And one fun fact both our dogs have been named after roller coasters at Cedar Point.

8.) I really feel like the name of my blog doesn't fit me anymore but, I'm kind of stuck :( The biggest thrills in our lives are the savings now or when Tristen gets a green check on his Kindergarten day!

9.) Even though I can get laundry detergent and fabric softener really cheap I keep buying those silly fundraiser 5 gallon buckets. Who can resist cute kids and a functional item to buy?

10.) Lastly and sadly I must admit I am a very bad coupon girl because I may or may not have "hid" my coupon binder from the kids in July and just now found it, I have seriously been carrying my coupons in envelopes in my purse because "pinky" was in "witness protection" in the bottom of the movie cabinet!

Have a great day guys and I hope this made you giggle or at least realize I am human and not perfect!!

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