Friday, June 14, 2013

Meijers 6/14

Here's my shopping trip from today, I had a major oopsie and forgot to put in my mperks # but I was busy arguing with the cashier because she rang up 10 of the 6 packs of pop when I only had 7! So since I was going to get some really good deals with Mperks and the sale ends tomorrow I will probably run by there tomorrow after I go to Kroger & Aldis :)

*7- 6pk 7Up Products $4.68...Buy 3 Get 4 Free
*3- 2liters 7Up Products $1...Used $1/3MQ
*6-Skittles 2/$1....I had $.50/2MQ but left them at home and I had already told Lil Miss she could get them
*2-Kool Aid Jammers $.99...Got back $1 from Ibotta
*2-Kraft Salad Dressing $1.99
*2-Crystal Light $1.99
*4-Oscar Mayer Franks $1.99...Used 2- $1/2 printable
*2-Kraft Cheese Singles $2.49...Used $.50/2 printable
*4-Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat $2.49...Used 2- $1/2 printable
*3-Smart Balance Butter $1.50...Used 3- $1MQ
*2-Miracle Whip $3.49...Used 2- $1MQ
*2-Cherub Tomatoes 2/$4
*Dog treats for our new baby :) $2.50
Automatically Saved $16 for buy 2 sets of Buy 8 Save $8 products
Spent $42.36...Saved $64.21...Got back $3 from buying Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat & $1 from Ibotta

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