Friday, June 21, 2013

CVS & Walgreens Shopping Trips 6/21

Grandma only uses Purex so I stocked her up and may go ahead and grab a few more tomorrow.


6-Purex Naturals $5.99 Buy 1 Get 2 Free
1-Lady Speedstick $1.99...used $1MQ
Used $10EB from previous trip.
Spent $2.97...Saved $36.66


4-Hefty One Zip Bags $3.49 BOGO...Used 2- $1/2MQ
3-Purex Naturals $5.49 Buy 1 Get 2
2-Right Guard Deodorant $4.49...BOGO...Used $2/2MQ
2-Speedstick $1.99...Used 2-$1MQ
2-Lady Speedstick $1.99...Used 2- $1MQ
Dozen Eggs (forgot to put in picture) $1.29
Spent $18.21...Saved $37.15

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