Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tapbooty App

Tapbooty: Earn Free Cash & Gift Cards

I know the name is hilarious right? Well even with this crazy name it is actually a pretty cool app. Tapbooty very simple to use:
1.) Sign in with your IPhone, IPad, IPod, or Android Phone
2.) Pick the Free App you want to Download
3.) After downloading open the app and use for at least a minute.
And then you have scored your points that can be converted to Paypal or Amazon Giftcards.

The best thing about the downloads is you don't have to keep them if you don't like them!

 The only thing I don't like is in order to convert to gift cards it has to be linked to your Facebook account. You play a trivia game about your Facebook friends to convert but don't worry if you miss the question you don't lose the points use just get a new question.

Check it out here:
Tapbooty: Earn Free Cash & Gift Cards

I was compensated with bonus points in exchange for trying this app through Smiley360.com

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