Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping 1/4/13

Stop #1...Aldi's:

2-Broccoli Crowns $1.89
4# McIntosh Apples $2.99
Turkey Ham $4.66
2# Red Grapes $3.29
Blackberries & Blueberries $1.49
32oz Vanilla Yogurt $1.99
Cottage Cheese $2.19
2-Grapefruit $.29
5# Bananas $2.26
Pineapple Orange Banana Juice $2.29 (Yummy! I really hope they keep this)
Corn Starch $.79
Grape Jelly $1.59
Flour Tortillas $.99
Tortilla Chips $1.19
Pepper Grinder $1.49
Total Spent: $33.06

Stop #2....Walmart
 **completely random stuff :)**

*5-Little Girls Hair Accessory Sets $1.25 (75% off Holiday Clearance going in gift box!)
*Darth Vader Claus $.74 (75% off Sheldon will be so excited!)
*8-Holiday Swedish Fish $.24 (Z loves these and guess what the Easter bunny is bringing his favorite 19 year old lol)
*Great Value Liquid Egg $2.36
*Seasame Oil $3.48 (I'm attempting DIY Beef & Broccoli if its good I'll do a post, Epic fail I will leave no evidence hehehe)
*Lava Bar Soap $.97 (Dad NEEDS! lol)
Total Spent $15.72...Saved  $24.83 (61%)
Stop #3...CVS

**Needed to use up some ECB's that expire today, yes I know most of the time they let you use them after the exp. date but, just to be sure!**

3-3Musketeer Bars $.75...used B2G1 printable
1-Dawn Hand Renewal $.99...used $.50mq (Planned to buy several more but this was all they had)
2-Purell w/ Holders $1.49 (to use up the remaining part of the ECB)
Used $5ECB
Paid nothing but tax so FREE...Saved $8.22...Got Back $6.25 in ECB (quarterly + Mars candy bar)

Stop #4 was Fisher's Meats (no need for a picture). I picked up some 3# Ground Chuck, 2 Chuck Roasts, & a bone for the dog and spent $22.30

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