Monday, January 14, 2013

Like Free Gift Cards?

Do you like free gift cards? Well I do and that's why I use Swagbucks. While there are many things on the Swagbucks site that I don't use there are 5 main things I do and they result in at least $10 worth of Amazon Gift Cards for me every month.

#1.) Toolbar....I installed the Swagbucks toolbar and use it for all my searches. I also get 1 SB (Swagbuck) everyday just for having it on there when I get online. I should also say that it is completely safe to download the toolbar. Being married to a computer guy I have the mega security and it passes it easily!

#2.) Daily Poll...They have a poll on the site everyday. 3 quick seconds to answer 1 random question and I have another 1SB

#3.) NOSO (no obligation special offers) just keep clicking "skip" until you reach the final screen (usually 4 or 5 screens). Takes about 15 seconds and gets you 2SB.

#4 Searches...The toolbar I mentioned above has a search section and I use it to get to everything even things I know the address to. Going to Facebook? I search facebook every time. While not every search will result in SB they will randomly pop up and you can easily get 200+ SB in a month.

#5 Coupons...This is my favorite! On the Swagbucks main page under earn there is a coupon page with the same coupons as and you get 10SB for every one you print & redeem. If you use a lot of printable coupons this can really add up!

Misc...There are also miscellaneous things you can do for SB like watching short youtube like videos (3SB for every 10 watched), Swag codes (random codes that SB puts out that you put in the code box on thier homepage), surveys, shopping through thier links, etc.

So what kind of gift cards can you get? Check out this page but by far the most popular is the $5 Amazon for 450SB.

Interested? Well click on this  link sign up and give it a try!

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