Sunday, March 2, 2014

You don't have to be perfect to be right where you are meant to be

You know how you hear about all this perfect people out there who do so many great and wonderful things?.....Yeah I'm not sure they are real either! 

How about the ladies who always have the perfect outfit, perfect makeup and look amazing?....That is definitely NOT me! I am fine with the fact that I wear scrubs every day, my naturally curly hair is flying all over by noon and make up is a date night and weekend kind of thing!

Oh and then you have the ladies who have homes that look like model homes even though they have toddlers....NOPE not me either! When the munchkins are here its more about making memories and encouraging them to be kids. No I don't let them get too wild but I think they call it "home" for a reason. Home is about peace, security and love. Perfection doesn't fit into that equation for me. 

I am sad to say I am not one of those people who are happy all the time either. I get mad, sad, hurt, and a multitude of other emotions weekly. Guess what? That means I am a human. Everyone is entitled to have feelings and I take full advantage of my entitlement! 

So I'm not a perfect person, don't look perfect, don't keep a perfect house and don't act what make me...NORMAL! I have struggled for years with my feeling that I needed to be perfect and somehow felt like every time I failed somehow meant I was not good enough as a person. I am now seeing that every failure lead to greater blessings.

I could not have kids of my own...but that has enabled me to be an amazing aunt and treat my little short people as my own and give them things their parents can't. They are spoiled and I know it! 

My first marriage failed... but I am now married to a amazing man and out of situations that were just not part of the life I dreamed of growing up. Do I have a perfect marriage? Heavens no but, I do have a great marriage and a husband who adores me and I him. 

I did not get a job promotion that I desperately wanted.... but that has lead to me keeping a job where I get to see people in their weakest times and is rewarding (very hard but rewarding!) Not many people get to hear the funny stories so many of our elderly population have to share but I do. Take my advice and listen they have a lot to teach us! Make them feel like they are important and they will show you the windows to their souls and they really have beautiful souls! They remember when love was enough and people where kind. They can tell you about when the four lane highway was a gravel road, milk men, and a time where Mayberry was real! 

I lost my mom, son, and the two grandparents I was closest to in three years....I'm not going to lie this is still a hard one but it has taught me time is short, tomorrow is not promised, and to really live. Make memories today because when you lose those you love the memories get you through. Don't leave things unsaid and make sure people know who you feel. 

There are so many other failures that I am now realizing are blessings and I am sure there are countless others I have forgotten. 

The whole point of this post is to give you a window into me and let you see that I am not just a couponer and coaster rider but I am also a person. I have beautiful flaws and scars that make me who I am. I'm not perfect but I am right where I am meant to be. 

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