Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mom's Night Out Movie

I was given the opportunity to view the new film from Provident & Affirm "Moms Night Out" last week and let me tell you I LOVED it! It was so funny but also had moments that really made you think about all our desires to be perfect in a completely imperfect world!  Watch the Trailer For Moms' Night Out and let me tell you that what you see is not half of the hilarity that ensues! I found that I could relate to all the characters at one time or another and obviously I could relate to Allyson the most as a crazy stressed out blogger! This movie has something for everyone:
Police Chases...Check
Biker Gang...Check
Trip to ER...Check
Tattoo Parlor...Check
And anyone who has seen "Courageous" and remembers Javier's Snake Kings scene... Robert Amaya is in this movie also and has multiple scenes that are even funnier!
I recommend that everyone get out and see this faith based film on opening weekend May 9 (which is Mother's Day Weekend hint hint gentlemen!)

And since I love it so much and want to share it with my friends I will be hosting a "Moms' Night Out Giveaway" for my friends who are also my readers! I don't have everything planned yet as I am waiting to see if its coming to Muncie or just Indy so stay tuned!

I was given the opportunity to view this movie in advance of its release. My love for the movie and opinions are solely mine and not affected by the free admission I received! 

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