Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shopping week ending 3/15

We got an awesome deal by price matching Rulers juice price at Walmart  and all  the family will now have juice for a couple months (5 adults & 6 kids so its not that much really lol )
17 Juicy Juice $1.49= $25.33

Fisher Meats
14# of Hamburger Patties (Buy 10# Get 4# Free) $44.45

12 Hot Dogs $1.99....Saved $12 with Buy 6 Save $6 Offer
Strawberries $1...Got back $.50 from Checkout51
Spent $12.48

Spent a little under $27 for 5 gallons milk, various produce items, and some frozen meatballs

Aunt Millies Bread Store $.75 Day
6-Wheat Bread
Spent $7.50

Spent $116 but have enough juice for 3-4 months and plenty of food for the grill!

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