Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simplifying & Organizing

One of my many goals I set forth for myself for 2014 was simplifying and organizing. I have been greatly "simplifying" our home by getting rid of the clutter and junk (Goodwill knows me by name now!).  I have "organized" our paperwork into binders, worked on a written budget, and gotten folders for the filing cabinet (haven't filed yet but hey the folders are here). I have organized the Kitchen cabinets, organized the bathroom cabinets, and organized the fridges and freezers. Now my next step towards simplifying I want to try is only doing one big shopping trip a month and then 3 other small weekly trips for Milk, Produce, & things I can get free or almost free with coupons and that will only take a few minutes. I will post a menu of 20-25 "planned" meals once a month. I am only going to plan 20-25 so there is room in there for date nights out and leftovers. And only doing a big shopping trip once a month will take a lot of pressure off me to get to the store when I have a really busy week. Will I still use coupons? Absolutely just not the way I have the last few years. And thanks to the stupid TV show coupons are not as great anymore anyways. I have found that most of the coupons are not really that great and that digital coupons and savings plans (Mperks, Kroger coupons, Target Cartwheel) are really the way to go now days. If I save 40-50% every big shopping trip that is still huge in my book and a huge amount of savings dollars wise. And my time is valuable too especially now that Brian is only home during the week and I work all week which leaves us only the evenings to do anything.

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