Monday, February 10, 2014

Real Life Updates

Yep I fell off the face of the earth again and I'm sorry :(  Between all the snow in Indiana, Kayleigh had surgery last week, I was busy at work, & we have had to make some decisions regarding foster placements and I have just been overwhelmed.

This week I am doing some pre-spring spring cleaning and just trying to get the whole house organized and ready for our foster relicensure. We had kept a lot of stuff thinking that we might need it for any future kids but now we realize just how vast the variety of kids me might get are! Since we placed our license on hold from July- January we have only technically taken calls for 6 months and in that time we have had call for kids from 3 days- 12 years, boys & girls, preemie size  to adult size! So we are only keeping kid stuff that Kayleigh, Tristen, and our other niece Cindy need, wear or play with and everything else is going to the new Goodwill. Hopefully once the house is all clean and organized spring will finally arrive and we can get the garage and attic cleaned and organized too :/

Also through the cleaning and organization I will be able to get my stockpile more organized and be able to see what things we really need and what we have more than enough of. As of right now we have more than enough of several categories of items and sadly I know we have at least 3 years worth of office supplies.

I promise to do my best to keep everyone updated on our crazy life and get some deals up soon ;)

Love You All! <3

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