Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walmart & Aldis 12/8

Remember me saying I was so tired I forgot things I needed? Well here they are and sadly I did not get the baking done that I had planned to on Saturday after all :(
First Stop was Walmart:
12- Budding Lunchmeat $.48...used 4- $1/4 mq
3- Sierra Mist 2 liters $1....used 3- $1 blinkies from Kroger
Cheez-It Crackers $2.88
All Purpose Flour $1.64
3lb Onion $1.88
Mint Chocolate Chips $2.28
Powdered Sugar $1.42
Almond Bark $2.98
Pringles (Hubby said please!) $1.50
Mint Extract $2.98...used $1mq found on package
Country Crock $2.18...used $1mq
Dried Basil $1.98
Little Debbies $1.50 (again a hubby item lol)
Blue Bonnet Quarters $.92
Labels (needed to label freezer items and cookies) $1
Spent $24.90...Saved $9 (27% pitiful but sometimes we all need random trips!)
Then I stopped by Aldis to pick up a couple things I needed:
Quart Mint Chocolate Milk $1.49...ok maybe not a need :)
6-Chili Seasoning Mix $.39
6-Chili Beans $.59
3-Diced Tomatoes $.59
Pretzels $1.99
Spent $11.13
I also went to the Butcher shop and after looking at the reciept I even saved there!
Spent $16.65...Saved $.76 (a whopping 4% but hey its something!)

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