Sunday, December 1, 2013


Shop Airborne Products

I was recently given the chance to try out Airborne® immune system booster from Smiley360. Airborne comes in many varieties:

*Gummies for adults & children in assorted fruit flavors
*Effervescent Tablets in pink grapefruit, lemon lime, zesty orange and very berry flavors
*Chewable Tablets in berry & citrus flavors
*Hot Soothing Mix in a Honey Lemon Flavor
*Lozenges in berry flavor

* Plus Energy in berry or citrus flavors*On the go in lemonade or very berry flavors

Airborne works by helping to boost your body's immune system with natural minerals and vitamins and giving the added "back up" it needs.

I was given the Chewables and the were easy to take and would be super easy to throw in your bag and keep on hand when ever needed.

I was provided with the featured product for free from Smiley360!

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