Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shopping 9/26

A new grocer opened in Muncie today so what better to do on date night than grocery shop! Ruler Foods is in the old Circuit City on McGalliard and Morrison. Ruler is a Discount Jay Co store so it features mainly Kroger brand products. It is like Aldi in many ways: need a quarter for carts, sack your own groceries, bags are a dime.  Here's what I got (as far as I can tell these are everyday prices!)

4- Gallon Milk $1.99
2- Dozen Eggs $.99
3lb- Ground Chuck $6.87 ($2.29/lb)
2lb Dog Bones $1.49
2-Microwave Beef Stew Cups $.89
2-Boullion Cubes $1.29
Cooking Spray $1.39
Little Debbie Donuts $1.89 (The hubby always ends up with a treat lol)
Miracle Maize Corn Bread Mix
2- Bagged Salad $.99
90ct Pizza Rolls $4.89 (Papaw wanted pizza rolls!)
Precooked Bacon $2.49 (We usually buy @ Sams Club this works out to the same price, so worth a try)
2+lb Grapes $2.19 ($.99lb)
Spent $41.57

We also stopped by Marsh to get a few things...

9.5lbs Bananas @ $.33/lb= $3.14
3- Snapple K-Cups $3.99 (Clearance)...Used 2- $1.50 printables and $2 printable
Blue Diamond Almonds $2.99
3-Keebler Cookies $1.84
5-Campbells Chunky Soup $1.09
Yogurt Pretzels (Little dudes newest snack obsession) $1
Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale $1 (Love this stuff every year)
Spent $24.52

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