Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marsh Shopping 9/8

You should know this was actually 4 transactions (God bless the poor college boy who had to deal with me but did it all with a smile! Of course the look on his face when he realized how little I spent was priceless too!)

64- (not pictured lol) Cans Libby Veggies $.95...Used 16- $1/4MQ
6-Red Gold Salsa $1.50...Used 3- $.50/2MQ
5-Gallon Milk $2.49...Used Free coupon from register last week
2-Oreos $2.99...Used 2- $1MQ
6- Totinos Pizzas $.49...Used $1/5 printable
6-Red Gold Tomatoes $1...Used 3- $.50/2MQ
11-Toaster Strudels/Scrambles $1.99...Used $1/3MQ  (wish I had more than one!)
4-Tastykake Pecan Swirls $1...Used 4- $1MQ
3-Tombstone Pizzas $3.29...Used $1/3 printable
4-Progresso Soup $1.49...Used 2- $.50/2 printable & got $1 back from Savingstar
Subtotal: $138.89
Buy 10 Save $5 Savings= $50
Coupons + SS Rebate= $32.49

Pretty Awesome in my book!

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