Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sorry I've been MIA

So sorry I have been MIA the last two weeks :(  I have went back to work and last week I did major duty at our VBS. I did most of the decorations but someone else did this beauty....

Isn't that awesome? We had so much fun and its so rewarding working with the little ones!

I am trying to come up with some cool new things for the blog and hopefully August will be a awesome month! And guess what? August is the one year anniversary of the blogs start! I can't believe everything that has happened in my life this year. We have had kids, returned kids, went on trips, saved boatloads of $, and just plain had fun. 

And I just got this little beauty in the mail today from House Party. I need to have a party to play this game in the next few weeks so who wants to come hang out and enjoy some cool snacks!

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