Thursday, July 4, 2013

Earn up to $21 from Ibotta in July


Ibotta has some great new offers for the month of July. You can earn up to $21 in bonuses!

The Fun in the Sun Bonuses

  • There are 6 cash Bonuses in total, each with a different dollar amount associated to them
  • Each time a Bonus is earned, the next Bonus in the series is unlocked
  • The tasks for the Bonuses alternate from redeeming offers to referring friends
  • The Fun in the Sun Bonuses are available for every user
  • All of the Fun in the Sun Bonuses expire July 31st
Fun in the Sun #1
Redeem any 3 Ibotta Offers to earn an extra $1 and unlock your next Fun in the Sun Bonus.
Fun in the Sun #2
Go to Invite Friends on the app and sign up 1 friend via your personal referral link to earn an extra $2. As soon as you earn this Bonus, you’ll unlock $18 more in Fun in the Sun Bonuses. Fun in the Sun Bonuses expire July 31st.
Remember, these Bonuses are in addition to all the other Ibotta Offers and Bonuses currently available.  So you still get $1 per friend you sign up, and you get the offer amount back on the items you redeem.  (i.e., if I redeemed 3 product offers today that were all for $1 back, I would get $3 plus the $1 Fun in the Sun #1 Bonus for a total of $4!
Go here to sign up for Ibotta and start earning cash!

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