Monday, May 27, 2013

Shopping 5/27

Its time for me to get back into the swing of saving money! Today I left early, made several stops, and was still home by 11am. I find this to be the perfect time because the stores are always less busy. Of course I also planned to go to Aldi but they are closed for Memorial Day so I'll go there tomorrow.

First stop Walmart:

*5-Zatarains Rice Mixes $ back $3 from Endorse
*3-Capri Sun Big Pouch $.88...used B2G1 MQ...Got back $1 from Ibotta
*2- Welch's Light Drinks $2...used 2- $1 printables
*Blue Bunny Ice Cream (Raspberry Wedding Cake Yummy!) $3.50...used $.75mq...Got back $.50 from Ibotta
*2-cans White beans $.68
*McCormick White Chili Seasoning $.98
*Ice Cream Cones $1.48
*Jamba Juice Smoothie $2.68... Got back $.50 from Ibotta
*MIO $3.48...used $1.50mq...Got back $1 from Ibotta
*Kool Aid $ back $.50  plus a $1 bonus for completing all the Kool Aid offers from Ibotta
*Generic wet floor wipes $3.28
*Clear Mens Scalp Care Shampoo $ back $1.25 from Ibotta
*Clear Conditioner Balm $4.98...used BOGO Coupon...Got back a $1.25 from Ibotta
*2ct Dial Soap $.97...Got back $.50 from Ibotta 
*Kids & Pets Cleaner $4.98...this stuff is awesome for "accidents"
*2 Mattress covers $3.97 & $8.97...We found out the hard way that the washable underpads are not a good option :(
**there is a second $1.50 MQ on my receipt and for the life of me I can't figure out what it was on?**
Total: $50.84...Getting back $9.50... Saved (MQ + Rebates) $21.11= 30% (40% if you don't count bed clean up supplies)

Stop #2 CVS

Transaction 1:
3- Mt Dew 2lt $.99...Got back $1.50 from Endorse
2- 3 Musketeers Bars...used $.50/2 MQ...Got Back $.75EB
1- Multigrain Cheerios $2.29...Used $.75mq & $.50sq
Spent $5.01...Getting back $1.50...Saved (inc. Rebate)  $8.83= 64%

Transaction 2:
1-Multi Grain Cheerios $2.29...Used $.75mq & $.50sq
2- M&M's $.75...$.50/2mq...Got back $.75EB (Kay hid one in her room before the picture)
Used $2EB from previous order
Spent $.04 :)...Saved $6.03 = 99%

Stop #3 Walgreens:

14- Arizona Drinks- 2/$1 with Rewards Card
Reese Cup $.59 w/ IAQ (Me and my little shopping buddy enjoyed this between stores :) )
Spent $7.59...Saved $7.32= 49%

Last Stop Target:

2-Chocolate Malt Milk $.99...a treat for tomorrows breakfast
3-Sobe Coconut Water (I wanted 10 but they only had 3) $1...Got back $.90 from Endorse
Evol Dinner $3...Got back $1 from Ibotta
Evol Burrito $2...Got back $1 from Ibotta
3ct Renuzit Lemon Air Fresheners $2.79
Cosmetic Applicators $1.99...used $1sq
Peroxide $.52...used $.50sq
Saved $.94 using RedCard
Spent $17.83...Getting back $2.90...Saved (inc. Rebates) $6.28= 27%

Totals for Today:
Spent: $81.31
Getting back: $13.90
Saved: $49.57

Whew not too bad :)

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