Friday, February 15, 2013

I Haven't Ran Away From Home.....YET ;)

I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog I have just been REALLY busy with our foster care certification process. If anyone has never heard it is definately not an easy process. Here is what we have accomplished and have yet to do:

*We have finished 10 of 24 hours classroom time
*We have completed approx 30 of 90 pages of paperwork
*We have both passed our foster care physicals
*We still have to have our water tested
*We still need to be FBI finger printed (my nephew says we are going to be on COPS)
*We still have at least two home inspections (these are freaking me out any prayers will be appreciated!)
*We still have 3 workbook classes to complete
*We will be getting out CPR Certification next Tuesday
*We still have a lot of organizing, painting the boys room, redoing the kids bathroom, put locks on doors where we will keep medicines & non child safe products.

I'm sure I forgot somethings too but that's all I can think right now :)

I promise to get the blog and Facebook page rocking again as soon as possible!

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