Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back in Action

As I promised I am back to my crazy shopping ways :) Pretty sure after today I won't be buying any cookies until Christmas!

First stop Aldi...

2-Valentines Pancake Mix $.59 (they are pink pancakes little Miss K will be so happy!)
2-Italian Salad Mix $.99
2-Packages Roma Tomatoes $.99
Mushrooms $.99
3ct Green Peppers $.99
Artisan Breadsticks $1.99
Tortellini $.79
Potato Gnochhi $1.79
3ct Cucumber $1.49
6# Bananas $2.48
Swiss Cheese $1.99
Roast Beef $2.49
Spent $20.14

Stop #2 Marsh...

4-Cantaloupe (2 we left in garage) $.99
8-Family Size Oreos $2.59...used 8- $1mq
     make sure you always check all options regualr packages of Oreos were $3.39 but the larger ones
     were only $2.59!!
5- Keebler Pretzel Bites $1.64...used 5- $.50mq
     I also found out Marsh is no longer doubling coupons now :( Boooooo!
2-Sunbeam Wheat Bread $1.28
Spent $23.18...Saved $52.88 (70%)

Final stop Meijer...

6-Beneful 3ct Medleys $1.99...used 3-$2/2  mq
12-Pedigree Dinners $.60...used 2- $1/6 mq
2- TBonz Treats $2.50...used 2-$1mq
6-Gallons Milk (rest were in garage fridge) $1.99
6-Oreos $2.79...used 6- $1mq
2-I.D. Iced Coffee marked down to $1.99...used 2- $1mq
Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1.25
3-Smart Balance Butter Sticks 2/$3...used 3- $1mq
Taco Bell Queso Dip $1.44
Taco Bell Salsa $1.02
Taco Bell Extreme Taco Kit $1.34
Fudge Bars (dads request) $2.99
Meijer Apple Juice $1.49...$.50 mperk
Philly Indulgence Dulce De Leche Cream Cheese (it sounded good!) $2.49
Spent $49.82...Saved $45.71 (48%) Not bad considering thats a lot of milk!

There you have it I'm back up to my craziness!

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