Saturday, August 10, 2013

Garden's Rock

So before I post today's shopping photos (yay! Told you I'm back) I wanted to update on what we have canned/froze from the garden so far (And we have WAY more coming lol):

22- Gallons Blackberries
15 Pints & 6 Quarts Dill Pickles
6 Quarts Green Beans
5 Quarts Zuchinni
5 Quarts Squash

I also have stuff we bought at a great price:
15 Quarts Strawberries Frozen/ 1 Quart Jar Dehydrated (that = 4#)
10# Blueberries Frozen
8# Grapes Frozen
2-Quart Jars Dehydrated Banana Chips ( that's about 12#!)

Projects on the horizon include:
~I have dehydrated 3# of onions just experimenting but plan to do 20# before winter
~Blackberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, & Apple Butter
~ This week I'm going to attempt homemade yogurt for the first time, if that's a success Mozzarella is next

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